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SCHBRINGINGAL / 100 stk. Limitierung QMartin

100% organic cotton


Only 100 pieces in the whole world, numbered and with a signed certificate from the minor artist QMartin himself. Each piece has perfectly captured the dynamic energy of the "Schbringingal".

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100% cotton

"Kloana Prince"

"What's past is past, you know what the future may bring you, but this and that now, that belongs to you."
- Antoine de Saint-Exupéry (based on "The Little Prince")

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100% cotton

"Big Kini"

"Amoi a Kini, always a Kini"
- A Kin

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Black Hoodie „Ludovico Oans" Bayrisch Kraut

85% organic cotton / 15% recycled plastic

"Ludovico Oans"

“There’s nothing better than something good.”
- Bavarian philosophy of life

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