About Us

Hello, we are Bayrisch Kraut - more than a merchandising label, a platform for (sub)cultural ideas from Munich and the surrounding area!

We believe in the creative power of our city and want to convey its unique diversity and identity to the outside world. That's why we work with artists, musicians and creatives from all corners of Munich to bring their designs to high-quality, fairly produced clothing.

For the Locals 🖌️👕:

Are you an artist, musician or creative mind looking for ways to bring your designs onto high-quality, fair and sustainable clothes and accessories? Then you've come to the right place!

At Bayrisch Kraut you can have your designs printed on our carefully selected organic cotton clothing and accessories - produced in Munich using a specialised screen printing process.

This means you get long-lasting, high-quality products that optimally convey your artistic vision.

Thanks to direct trade channels and efficient production, we can offer fair prices even for small print runs - so there is room for your margin!

Collaboration is key 🤝🎨

We are proud of our collaborations with Munich scene greats such as the artist Q.Martin and the multi-ethnic Giesinger rap crew BZ18.

They are examples of the diversity and creativity that characterizes Bayrisch Kraut.

Q.Martin x Bayrisch Kraut: Bavarian tradition meets urban art! 🍺🎨

BZ18 x Bayrisch Kraut: Giesinger Beats 🎤🌍

Let’s bring your creative project to the streets together and show what Munich has to offer!

We are Munich! 💚

Just send us an email or give us a call so we can discuss all the details.

We are really excited to work with you and celebrate Munich's subculture together and promote it!

Your team from Bayrisch Kraut 💚🌿



"Art can have a healing effect. This has always been true in all cultures."


HipHop Crew


Artist collective from Giesing